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Friday, March 6, 2009

[Gemballa Mirage GT Super Cars Porsche Carrera]

- strictly limited to 25 cars
- prominent clients from all over the world
- Extremely extravagant real-carbon exterior concept
- Three-part forged wheels, available in 19˝ and 20˝
- Luxury carbon, leather and Alcantara interior
- Multimedia touch-screen information system
- Phase 1 increased performance

Porsche Carrera GT, one of the finest sports supercars, had a limited series production of roughly 1380 models. Owners of these completely sold-out vehicles, GEMBALLA gives the chance to top this exclusiveness. The Porsche customizing specialists of Leonberg, Germany transforms the Carrera GT into the GEMBALLA Mirage GT; offered in an extremly limited series of only 25 models. More than half of this series is already sold. Customers including several prominent ones, place their trust in the technical expertise of GEMBALLA assuring unquestionable singular uniqueness of their Mirage GT

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